Pesado EP Filter Basket

$20.00 USD

Precision Manufacturing

Built For Consistent Extractions


Rigorous Testing

Circularity, Placement, Square Area, And Hold Integrity

Electro Polished

Smoothest Possible Finish For Minimum Friction


Anti-Wear Design

Lasting Almost Twice As Long As Regular Baskets

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The Pesado EP basket is designed to complement and enhance all around flavours of your coffee.

These baskets have been developed to make the most of dark to medium roast profiles coffees, where the prominent tasting notes are richer and full, coffees that are designed to be a classic black coffee or mixed with milk.

These are electro polished to increase the smoothness in all surfaces, including inside the holes to increase the forgiveness of use.

The EP filter basket offers dosing capacities within ±1g of the recommended size.

58mm Basket Range: Compatible with most E-61 group heads and machines measuring 60mm in diameter. It seamlessly integrates with La Marzocco, Synesso, Nuova Simonelli, Faema, La Cimbali, and Rancilio machines, as well as the La Marzocco SWIFT Grinder, available in sizes ranging from 18g to 22g.

Breville 54mm Basket Range: Compatible with Breville 54mm machines, available in sizes 18g and 20g


Material: 0.5mm Stainless Steel


58mm Filter Baskets: 18g, 20g, 22g

54mm Filter Baskets: 18g, 20g

Shipping & Returns

Shipping via DHL express to your door within 7 business days.

email us if you have any concerns or issues with your order.

Electro Polished

These coffee machine baskets are Electro Polished, a procedure that can polish areas that are inaccessible by other polishing methods.

This creates a clean, smooth surface and reduces the friction that the liquid has on the metal surface. This will help the coffee travel through the holes and on the sides of the basket

Smooth Extraction

A smaller diameter and super polished amount of holes will enhance the smoothness of your drink, extracting plenty of body and also help achieving a consistent flavour with ease.

Easier, Tastier Coffee

We believe EP baskets will allow you to experience a smoother coffee, easier preparation process and a consistent extraction flavour overall.

After comparing a large number of espresso shots we recommend these for all your darker to medium coffees where milk is the predominant consumption and rich espressos are appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Pesado EP filter basket and the He[%] High Extraction Basket?

The Pesado HE basket is designed to extract more from your coffee. They are designed to be used with coffees that are usually lighter in roast profile, and have more subtle tasting notes. Coffees where more intense flavour will result in a fuller experience without compromising the balance of the drink.

Pesado EP basket is made to complement and enhance the all-around flavours of your coffee, they have been developed to make the most of dark to medium roast profiles coffees, where the prominent tasting notes are richer and full, coffees that are designed to be a classic black coffee or mixed with milk.

What portafilters are they compatible with?

Depending what size you are purchasing you will need to select the correct variant

For 58mm models:

Our baskets will fit all our Pesado 58mm SpoutedNaked & Hybrid portafilters.

If you will be using your genuine 58mm portafilter - the EP baskets will fit with ease.

For 54mm models:

the 54mm EP basket is to be used only in Pesado Breville portafilters and will fit in Genuine Breville/Sage portafilters.

Does this filter basket fit all machine types?

Rule of thumb.

If it fits in your portafilter, it will fit in your machine.

make sure to order the correct size for your portafilter/machine model.

How do I clean the basket?

like any other espresso accessories soak in caffetto.

You can use a group brush or a needle to remove any stubborn residues.

As the EP basket is electro polished, residue will be easy to clean off.

Is the EP basket magnetic? will it work with my dosign ring?

The Pesado EP basket depending on the size will fit the respective dosing rings including our magnetic dosing ring.

the EP basket is made from stainless steel which is magnetic by nature, you will have no issues using aftermarket dosing rings that sit on top or inside the filter basket.

Can I use a puck screen with the EP basket?

you will be able to use 58 & 54 mm puck screens, we recommend to use our own puck screen diffuser.

if you are using a puck screen keep in mind that coffee expands in the basket so if using a puck screen you will need to lower your dose by 1g or 2g respectively on the outcome you wish to get.