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EP Coffee Filter Baskets

Experience a smoother coffee, easier preparation process and a consistent extraction flavour overall.


Elevating your coffee experience

Here at Pesado 58.5 we have a passion for ridiculously good coffee, so we build tools to help achieve this through every step of your journey.

Designed for all

Our premium coffee tools are designed for all barista levels. With universal fits on most of our portafilter heads and various tamper sizes - you can pair Pesado Coffee Tools with most coffee bars.


Strength In Sustainability

The Pesado 58.5 team has worked hard on making sure our products are sustainable and environmentally friendly where possible, from packaging to hardware.
Check out how we've crafted and designed our signature timber range!


Birch wood is one of the most sustainable woods on the planet due to it's fast-growing nature and ability to regenerate quickly. It causes minimal devastation or destruction of biodiversity when cut down.

Birch wood is also easy to recycle and repurpose making it a great choice for sustainable and eco-friendly products and manufacturing practices.

Vacuum Dye

Vacuum dyeing timber is a highly effective method of coloring wood because it involves applying dye to the wood while it is under pressure in a vacuum. This allows the dye to penetrate deep into the wood fibers, resulting in a more consistent and long-lasting color than traditional surface staining methods.

Vacuum dyeing also uses less water and dye than traditional methods, making it a more environmentally-friendly option.


Strength and durability are essential in our coffee tools.

This is why we use cross layered birch wood in our timber range. This is a superior option because the alternating grain direction of the wood layers creates a strong and stable structure that resists warping and splitting.

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