Use this guide to find out which products are compatible with your machine.

Please note this list is not exhaustive if you don't see your machine listed here or you would like more information please don't hesitate to send us a message via email at

Machine Portafilter Shower Screen
Ascaso Dream (ONE & PID) LM/E61 -
Astoria 51.5mm
Astra - -
Aurora - -
Bezzera E61 LM/E61 E61
Bezzera - other models - -
Brasilia - 51.5mm
Breville/Sage 54mm or 58mm* Breville 54mm / 58mm*
Brugnetti LM/E61 E61
Cimbali - 51.5mm
Decent LM/E61 -
Della Corte - -
DeLonghi - -
ECM LM/E61 E61
Elektra LM/E61 51.5mm
Esprofesso LM/E61 LM
Expobar LM/E61 E61
Faema LM/E61 E61
Flair 58 LM/E61 (email us before ordering) -
Gaggia - -
Isomac LM/E61 E61
Kees Van Der Western LM/E61 E61
La Marzocco LM/E61 (not KB90) LM & LM-KB90
La Pavoni (E61 Group) LM/E61 E61
Lelit - Pro Line LM/ E61 E61
Londinium -
Mavam LM/E61 NS
Meticulous Home LM/E61 -
Moai Bar LM/E61 LM
Mod Bar LM/E61 LM
Nuova Simonelli NS NS
Orchestrale LM/E61 E61
Profitec LM/E61 E61
Quickmill LM/E61 E61
Rancillio Silvia LM/E61 LM
Rocket E61 models LM/E61 E61 (not R9)
Rocket Boxer LM/E61 51.5mm
SAB LM/E61 E61
San Marco - -
San Remo LM/E61 E61
Slayer LM/E61 LM
Sunbeam - -
Synesso LM/E61 LM
VBM LM/E61 E61
Vittoria Arduino NS NS
Wega (not all models) LM/E61 E61

**Please note that there are two sizes for Breville portafilters 54mm and 58mm, please choose the specific one to your machine.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you are unsure!