Pesado He[%] High Extraction Basket - Bottom View
Pesado He[%] High Extraction Basket - Inside View

He[%] High Extraction Filter Basket

$65.00 USD

Dosing Ability:*
Small Basket: 15g-17g
Medium Basket: 17g-19g
Large Basket: 19g-21g
X-Large Basket: 21-22g
*please check our FAQs below for more details on compatibility

Size: Pesado He[%] Basket - Small

Pesado He[%] Basket - Small
Pesado He[%] Basket - Medium
Pesado He[%] Basket - Large
Pesado He[%] Basket - X-Large

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Our high-extraction coffee basket has been specially designed to give you the most out of your espresso. With its unique design, it extracts significantly more dissolved materials from your beans, resulting in a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee.

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or just looking to up your coffee game, our high-extraction coffee basket is sure to take your espresso to the next level. It's perfect for achieving a higher extraction yield and unlocking the full potential of your coffee beans.


Material: 1.1mm Stainless Steel

S - depth 21.5mm
M - depth 23.5mm
L - depth 25.5mm
XL - depth 27.5mm

Shipping & Returns

Shipping via DHL express to your door within 7 business days.

email us if you have any concerns or issues with your order.

Precision Build

These coffee machine baskets are developed in 1.1mm stainless steel, CNC finished to be perfectly cylindrical and with laser cut holes at the bottom that expands in circles all the way to the outer edge of the bottom surface.

High Extraction

The added thickness improves the rigidity of the puck during extraction by not allowing the bottom face to bow outwards and the laser-cut holes are extremely accurate and allow for a higher open surface area that offers less resistance to the water flow during the extraction.

Strong, Full Flavoured Coffee.

We believe He[%] baskets will allow you to experience a more consistent extraction as well as an increased amount of total dissolved solids in your shot (higher yield).

After comparing a large number of espresso shots with fixed variables we can confidently say that these baskets will enhance your coffee experience for both black shoots and milk-based beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the He[%] basket and a regular IMS or VST basket?

The He[%] filter basket is produced using CNC machining and laser cut hole technology, VST or IMS baskets are a pressed product, and both hole and shape are created by press and polish machines.

Our He[%] basket uses 1.1mm thick steel and is perfectly cylindrical, while IMS/VST uses a thinner layer of steel and the top diameter is different from the bottom diameter.

Our He[%] coffee basket has an overall more significant amount of holes and open surface area compared to IMS and VST. The laser technology allows the holes of HE to be closer to the edges.

What portafilters are they compatible with?

Please check the product specifications to allow enough clearance.

Small - depth 21.5mm (depth)

Medium - 23.5mm (depth)

Large - 25.5mm (depth)

X-Large - 27.5mm (depth)

Our baskets will fit all our Pesado 58mm SpoutedNaked & Hybrid portafilters.

**For Breville 58mm, you will need to purchase a compatible bundle for the basket to fit (here)

For all our Breville 54mm customers, hang tight - there is something in the works!

Does this filter basket fit all machine types?

Rule of thumb.

If it fits in your portafilter, it will fit in your machine.

Due to having a thickness of 1.1mm some may find it fits tightly on their coffee machine, but do not be discouraged - our filter basket design will keep your group seal lasting longer due to its rigid/flat structure.

How do I clean the basket?

like any other espresso accessories soak in caffetto.

You can use a group brush or a needle to remove any stubborn residues.

For a more indepth cleaning method watch our video on how to clean the He[%] basket here.