Are you a cafe owner or roastery dreaming of elevating your coffee game to the next level? Here's your chance to make your wish come true!

What’s Up for Grabs?

One lucky winner will win a complete handle setup to enhance the quality and presentation of your coffee. The prize includes:

2-3 Matching Portafilters: Tailored to your specific espresso machine type, these high-quality portafilters will take your espresso shots to new heights.

1 Matching Tamper: A perfectly designed tamper for your new portafilters, ensuring consistent and precise coffee grounds compression for the best espresso extraction.

Win a full handle setup for your cafe!

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Contest Period: October 9-30, 2023

How to Enter:

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Winner Announcement:

We will announce the lucky winner on October 31st on our social media channels, so stay tuned!

Terms and Contidions:

- Must be a cafe or roastery owner.

This is your chance to take your cafe's coffee game to the next level. Don't miss out on the opportunity to win the ultimate handle setup for your cafe!

Get ready to impress your customers and elevate your coffee experience. Start brewing, snapping, and posting now to win the "Ultimate Cafe Upgrade" competition!

Good luck, and may the best cafe win!